Cena maszyny do cięcia laserem cnc 1000 Watt

Cena maszyny do cięcia laserem cnc 1000 Watt


Cutting Speed:1-24000mm/min
Graphic Format Supported:AI, BMP, DST, DXF, DXP, LAS, PLT
Zastosowanie: cięcie laserowe
Stan: nowy
Grubość cięcia: materiały
CNC lub nie: Tak
Tryb chłodzenia: chłodzenie wodą
Oprogramowanie sterujące: Ruida
Miejsce pochodzenia: Anhui, Chiny (kontynent)
Nazwa marki: ACCURL
Certyfikacja: CE, ISO

Obsługa posprzedażna: Inżynierowie są dostępni do obsługi maszyn za granicą

Opis produktu

This serial models adopted DSP digital control technology, integrated frmae structure to ensure the work stability. The latest spftware can support auto CAD, CorelDRAW, CAD, CDR and other graphical software, and make it available to directly output pictures. The USB data interface can support heat play & pluy. Quick data transiting without taking up computer resource Chinese & English edition liguid display can make it easy for user to operate.

This series of laser engraving and cutting machine adopts high precision step-by step motor as drive part, utilizes three original straight line guide tracksin axis X and Y imported from Taiwan, uses four pieces of specialized laser lens, and enables the machine speedy and accuracy incisive. The engineering design to the path of rays system improves the regulation accuracy of the flight path of rays and the laser use efficiency. This series of laser cutting and engraving machine is an ideal choice for professional user.

Product Parameters 
Moc lasera
80W/ 100W/ 130W / 150W
Work Area
1390×1000MM  (Size can be customized)
Prędkość cięcia
Prędkość grawerowania
Image Format
Support Software

Cena maszyny do cięcia laserem cnc 1000 Watt

Cena maszyny do cięcia laserem cnc 1000 Watt

Nasze usługi

Pre-sale Service:

1. We will provide you with relevant technical support and product industry information within half a working day.
2. Welcome you at any time to visit our company site visits, we will provide you with free samples and other related facilities.
3. Factory direct sales, customized any models.

Sale Service:

1. Conventional models, the order is shipped. Customized models: the single production, 1 to 5 working days of delivery.
2. Hand in charge of the whole process to pay the entire process, the service is also productivity.
3. Free installation, commissioning and operation, maintenance personnel training.

After-sale service:

1. Company provides technical support free of charge, including the operation of learning equipment and daily troubleshooting methods, etc.
2. Free control software upgrade, upgrade board, and related functions to enhance the service.
3. Machine free warranty for one year, life-long maintenance. Lens, Laser Tube free of charge for six months, except for man-made damage.
4. 24 hours outside the Chinese border to provide telephone technical support or directly from the country after sales offices, agents Services.